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Are you feeling tired today? Are you tired of all that you are dealing with in life? Are you ready to quit?

You are not alone. So many people around the world are struggling with life’s burdens.

Many of you are raising children, that are making bad choices and they are out of control. You don’t know where to turn or what to do.

Some of you have bills to pay and you are worrying about not being able to come with the money you need. The financial stress in your life is destroying you. Perhaps you are worrying about losing your job or finding a better one.

I don’t know what you are going through today. But I meet a lot of people, as I travel, who are ready to give up on life. They are just so tired of the struggle, of making a living, or dealing with the bad relationships in their life.

Many of you feel like you have no hope. You think you have no one who cares or that you can turn to for help.

I would encourage you to open your Bible, to the book of Mark. Read Mark, chapter 5 and there you will find hope. You will read about a woman who has been sick and bleeding, much of her life. She touches Jesus and she is healed instantly. Her lifetime struggle is gone, in an instant.

You will read about Jairus, one of the local leaders, in the church, who has a twelve-year-old daughter who is dying. He asks Jesus, to come to his house, and heal this daughter, that he loves so much. His heart is breaking, as he watches his daughter lay dying and he is helpless to stop it.

Jesus comes to his home and raises her from the dead. She is brought back to life! It is the most amazing miracle!

You see my friend, I have good news for you today! Jesus is willing to help you, with all of your problems too. Simply turn to him, in faith, and cry out to Him to help you.

He wants to save you from your sins. He wants to help you, with those things in life, that are depressing you or discouraging you.

The woman who was bleeding got help. Jairus got help and got his daughter back.

What will you do today? Will you continue walking with your problems, living in fear?

You must realize, that fear is the opposite of faith. Call out to Christ, in prayer, in faith, and He will help you!

Jesus says the same thing to you today, as he did to Jairus. DO NOT FEAR! ONLY BELIEVE!

Will you trust Jesus to save you today? Will you believe in Him today and simply pray to Him and ask Him to help you, with all of your problems? He is willing to help you, instantly, if you will call out to Him in faith.

Stop and pray to Him right now. He has never failed to help me and I know, without a doubt, that He will help you too. We have a Heavenly Father, who is so amazing!!! He is so willing to help His children, when they come to Him in prayer.

Go have a blessed day now and rely on Jesus, to see you through all of the difficult times you will encounter in life. And if you are in a “good spot” today, thank Him for the blessings, that He has given you, and enjoy them and rest in Him.



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