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Life is hard!

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Have you learned what I have learned? Life is hard!

You grow up as a kid and life seems so easy most of the time. As you get older, you get exposed to pain, death, failures and some bad experiences. You get wounded by this world. Life hurts sometimes. For some of you, all the time! Many of you are really hurting right now. Maybe money is tight, you lost your job, or you are in a relationship that is going bad. Don’t quit! Don’t give up!

Take your broken heart to Christ and ask Him to help you, in your time of crisis. Too often, I think we all make the mistake, of trying to make this world heaven. We try to create our happy, little world, where life on earth, is just going to be paradise. But this is a mistake. T

his is not heaven and we are going to go through some tough times in this world. That’s a fact! Some people just give up and take their own lives. This takes them out of here, but just creates even more pain, for their loved ones and friends who are left behind. I do agree that life is hard. However, I do think that life is worth living! A lot of people are taught, that once you become a Christian, life will be smooth sailing. That simply isn’t true. God never promised to give us an easy life. Christ and His disciples certainly didn’t have easy lives. No, God promised to walk with us through the storms of life. He said He would never leave us or forsake us.

God uses the storms, of this life, to shape us into the image of His Son. We are exposed to the refiner’s fire. A coal under pressure, over time, becomes a diamond. Never forget this! All of the difficulties we deal with, in this lifetime, are temporary. A better day is coming. Heaven is coming! Let that encourage you today!!!

Life is hard, but God is faithful. Go have a great day, knowing God has you in His hands! He, and His angels, are watching over you, at this very moment!

Share this message of Hope and Encouragement with your friends!!! Wishing all of you a blessed and amazing day!!!

Ken, a servant of Jesus Christ