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Vaccine Mandates and Passports are EVIL.

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I want you to know that you are being lied to.

I want you to know that it is absolutely evil to have Vaccine Mandates and Vaccine Passports.

This is a critical moment in the history of the world. Do you see what is happening?

Some Politicians, in American and in countries around the world are taking your freedoms away from you. You may never get them back! You should be able to decide if you are going to take a shot, wear a mask, stay at home, distance yourself from other people, attend church, sing at church, decide what is best for your children, and on and on!!!

President Biden said he was against vaccine mandates, before the presidential election. He lied to you. He is now doing everything in his power, to force vaccine mandates. He now says, “Yes, police and first responders have to take the vaccine. If they don’t, they should be fired.” These first responders, along with many others, were the ones who risked their lives, during the worst part of the Covid crisis, when there wasn’t a vaccine! Now they are being fired, even though they may have already had Covid. They have natural immunity now and don’t want to take the vaccine! This is disgusting!!! This is unconstitutional!!!

Americans and people in many other countries are now losing their jobs, losing their right to be in public, if they haven’t taken the vaccine. People are being forced to take a vaccine they don’t want to take or they will not be able to feed their family, pay their mortgage, etc. They are saying, “the unvaccinated are causing other people to die from Covid.” That’s a lie. If you do don’t get the flu shot this winter, are you guilty of causing the death of other people who get the flu or pneumonia?’ Do you see the hypocrisy?

Some of the best doctors and nurses in the world have been censored, silenced, fired and threatened with the loss of their medical licenses, if they bring up concerns about side effects, deaths, etc. from the vaccine. This is evil! This is censorship! This is the loss of freedom of speech!

Medical tyranny has come upon us. What do we do? You must stand up, right now, for your freedoms or you will lose them. Quit being the Silent Majority! Speak up for your freedoms. Just take a look at what is happening in Australia, Germany, Canada, New York City and other places!

Don’t think it can’t happen in America! It is at our doorstep right now!

Say NO to vaccine mandates and passports! Don’t let innocent people lose their jobs, freedoms and constitutional rights!

To be silent in the face of vaccine mandates and passports is evil and God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak! Not to act is to act!

What kind of world do you want to have for your children and grandchildren? Will you stand with me against the evil that is going on in the world? I love you all.Ken a servant of Jesus Christ