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Butterflies and Bats

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God is so incredible!  Just look at His creation in all of its splendor!

I am so blessed to live in Colorado.  I get to see eagles in the sky on a regular basis. They are my favorite bird. I love to see them soaring high above the earth. They are so majestic!

Yesterday, I saw a butterfly in the afternoon. It was flying effortlessly, doing what God created it to do.  It was so beautiful.

Just before dark, I saw a bat flying in the air. It had just come out of its hiding place and I could see it moving quickly, darting through the sky. I could sense the joy that was in the creature as it was now set free, to begin another night of doing what God created it to do.

The Lord spoke to me as I watched the butterfly and the bat!  He reminded me that I am to do what He has created me to do in the time that I have left on the earth.

God has called me to be an evangelist and prophetic voice for Him, at this moment in time!  I know exactly what God wants me to do!   The Lord wants me to warn everyone that the end is soon coming!  

He wants me to tell people how they can be rescued from the penalty of their sins and have eternal life.  He wants me to speak out against the evil people who are the global elite. The Lord desires that I speak out against wicked leaders in government and corporations that are collaborating, to implement the Global Reset and New World Order; a Liberal World Order!

I am living in my sweet spot!  I am doing what God created me to do!!!

My friend, what has God created you to do? What talents and skills has the Lord given you to use – For Such A Time As This?

We can’t all be eagles – having celebrity status and being known around the world! All of us can be a butterfly, serving God faithfully, wherever He has placed us.

What is God calling you to do?  Do it now, before it is too late and the Rapture takes place!

I want to encourage you to walk in your sweet spot, serving the Lord, in these final days!  We’re not home yet, but we will be soon!!!

I love you all.


a servant of Jesus