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An End time. Challenge to Pastors and Church Members

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Brothers and Sisters, we are living in the last days; the End Times.   The return of Jesus, for His church, is very soon!  

Pastors and Church leadership, must rise up now and preach strong, biblical messages from the pulpit, calling people to repent from their sins, and place their faith in the atoning death of Jesus Christ, for the forgiveness of sins.

No longer can we have “feel good sermons” preached!!!  Tell your pastor and church leadership that you want to hear messages about end time prophecy.  Tell them you want them to be bold and speak the full counsel of God, in their messages, and you want people to be warned, about the danger of spending eternity in hell, if they have not been born again.

Why 11:11?   It warns us about how close we are to the end; that the time is short, before the seven year tribulation begins.  We must all warn people about God’s coming wrath! Time is running out and the Lord wants all people to repent and not perish.

Church, share the gospel and sound the warning:  Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!!!

I love you all.

Ken Bailey

a servant of Jesus Christ