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The world has been divided over whether the burial cloth of Jesus, also called the Shroud of Turin, is authentic or not.    A great deal of research was conducted on the shroud, in 1978, in what was called the STURP project, (Shroud of Turin Research Project). 

After all tests were completed, some of those, who were involved in the study, thought the cloth was the one placed on Jesus.  Others, remained convinced that it was a hoax and not the burial cloth of Jesus. It was stated, that carbon 14 testing, dated it to the 13th or 14th century A.D..  

Over the years, because of the C-14 dating, I always thought the shroud was a fake.  Then a series of miracles took place in my life.  I am still stunned today, of what the Lord revealed to me!

On May 29, 2021, I was taken into a vision, given to me by the Lord.  I was then taken, in the spirit, up to heaven!   A veil parted in front of me, and suddenly, I saw a great wall of clouds over to my left.  

These were giant, white clouds, like you would see, as a thunderstorm was developing.  The clouds began to scroll back, to form the shape of a funnel or the letter V.    Like the Apostle John, in Revelation 19:11, I saw heaven standing open and a rider on a white horse!

Behind Him, a great number of people, all dressed in white and seated on white horses, began to line up behind this rider, getting ready, to also ride down to the earth.  Suddenly, the rider started riding down towards me!

It was Jesus!!!  I couldn’t believe it!!!  When He got close to me, He turned, the horse to His right, so that I could see His left side, as He rode past me.  He was now three or four feet away from me.   On His left leg and robe, it was written – King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

The entire time, my main focus was on His face.   I was seeing Jesus alive and I was so full of joy!!!  I was awake and I was in the Spirit, seeing Jesus ride down to the earth!

Three weeks went by.  Then, on June 19, 2021, the Lord spoke to me and said, “Ken, get on your computer and do a search for the Shroud of Turin!”    

I obeyed the Lord and got on my computer.   I opened up a page about the shroud.   The first image I saw was stunning!  It was the face of Jesus; the same face that I had seen when the Lord took me, in the spirit, up to heaven.  I was shocked!

Then the Lord said to me, “Ken, this is my face and body!”  “I have preserved my burial cloth all of these years.”  “I said, that in the last days, knowledge would increase on the earth.”   “Technology has now increased, to the point, where I have allowed images, of my face and body, to be produced.”  

“I have done this, because the end is now coming!”  “I want all people, to be able to see that I really came to the earth and I was crucified, buried and rose from the dead, to pay the penalty for their sins.”

“I want all to repent and no one to perish.”   “Ken, warn the world, as Noah did, that I am soon returning, for my church, to take her home.”  “I will then bring my wrath, on all the wicked people, who are left behind, who have rejected me and my offer of salvation.”

“Ken, the Shroud of Turin is real.”   “My burial cloth, will now bless those who are my followers; for they can see, that what is written, in their Bibles, is true.”  “They can use the images of my face and body, to witness to the lost, before I take them home.”

“Those who are lost, will get to see my face and body, and know of the price I paid, to redeem them from the penalty of their sins!  I will give the lost one final chance, to repent and call on me to save them, before the seven-year tribulation begins.”  “Ken, go and share this message, these miracles and my image, with the nations!”

You say, this can’t be real.  Surely, you did not get taken up to heaven, like John, in Revelation 4, or Paul, was in II Corinthians 12:2.  “I know a man in Christ, who fourteen years ago was caught up to the third heaven…”

Yes, I was taken, in the spirit, up to heaven!  I am nothing!  I’m just a normal man; a sinful wretch, saved by God’s Amazing Grace!  I am a vessel, who God has called, to be a last days prophet, to get His messages to the nations.   

Think of Elijah, who God says, in James 5:17, “was a man just like us….     Elijah, was a normal man, who God chose to use, in miraculous ways.   

As God lives, I tell you the truth!!!   The Shroud of Turin is the burial cloth of Jesus Christ!!!  I say this, because Jesus, Himself, told me that it is Him and that it is real.   

The Bible is truly the written Word of God.  I have seen Jesus and He is alive.   I saw Him, as He will appear, when the Second Coming takes place.   Rejoice believers; we were dressed in white and riding on white horses, just as it is written, in Revelation 19.

Go and view his precious face and body, as it appears on the burial cloth.  He suffered so much more than we have ever imagined!  He is worthy of all our praise!   He died for us.  Let us now live and serve Him, with all our heart, with the short time we have left!

All Glory, Honor and Praise go to God the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ!!! 

I love you all.

Ken Bailey

a servant of Jesus Christ