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God – can’t you do better than this?

I sometimes stay up late at night and think about the world in which I live. I think of the people I come in contact with, many of which have so many problems. Some of them are really messed up. At times, it makes me cry. I don’t mean a few tears. I mean bawling…
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A Miracle in March!

Friends, I want to share a video with you and I pray that it encourages you! Many of you are depressed and discouraged about what is happening in the world! I want to bring you hope. God is control and He is using everything that is happening to bring about His will on the earth.…
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I must tell you about how Awesome Jesus Is!!!!

I got up this morning and prayed and told God about my concerns for our nation and the future of our Country. I then I left to go to run some errands and to head to our home that is for sale, about 100 miles from where my wife works and where we are staying…
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A Letter To Satan!!!

Dear Satan, I write you today, to let you know that we are aware of what you are doing in the world. Two years ago, the Lord revealed to me, that the greatest spiritual warfare, in the history of mankind, was coming to the earth. I gave sermons on this and put these messages on…
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Divine Appointments

“God has Divine Appointments, Divine Works and Divine Destinies, working in and through each of us, if we will but listen to His Voice and obey His Divine Guidance!!!” Ken Bailey


I have found the Father and Jesus! There is nothing that compares!!! Absolutely Nothing! I am all in with God! I want nothing to do with this world. When I was younger, I sought to make a name for myself! I sought college degrees and initials after my name! I sought the applause of men…
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The Word of the Lord came to me today and His Word is: To My Church, and to the people, in all Nations:        I have used Covid, to send you to your homes.  I have brought My judgment against your idols.   You have pursued idols of pleasure and entertainment.  I took…
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The Supreme Court, of the United States, (SCOTUS), just ruled against a Nevada Church, that was told that it could only have 50 people meet together for a worship service or Bible Study. Yet the state of Nevada is allowing casinos to operate at 50% of capacity. That’s right, more people are going to be…
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I Dare You

Have you ever taken a dare?  Have you ever stepped out of your comfort zone to do something that you knew was not going to be easy for you to do? Today is one of those days.  I am going to ask you to take a dare and step out of your comfort zone.  I am going to…
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Difficult Decisions

Do you have any difficult decisions you need to make right now?  Difficult decisions are tough to make.  How do we know what the right choice is? We often put these decisions off and time has a way of making the decision for us. By doing nothing, our decision is made. Every day you make decisions, without much…
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